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Security Mobile Patrols

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Security Mobile Patrols play a vital role in security services sector. Our Security Patrol Officers reach the assigned destination in proper uniforms and a clearly marked Security Patrol Vehicle. Oceanic Security Services is leading in Security Mobile Patrol Services Company in Perth.  We administer internal and external patrols of premises, a lockdown or open-up facility, or just provide the ‘comfort factor’ – checking on the security of lone workers.
However, our security mobile patrols are an eminently capable visional and physical check of sites. Not only but also, we administer indoor and outdoor security of your premises. Additionally, a locked up or open-up facility, or just provide the ‘comfort factor’ – monitoring on the protection of lone workers. Each one of all of our mobile units is considerable and well preserved. Not only but also, we will reach the proper destination at your site before time. Also, we rather can reach on a contingent basis to confirm the safety and security of your property.

Oceanic Security Mobile Patrol officers are well trained and professional. Perhaps, in any breach of security, a security officer will stay on-site & matter will escalate to the supervisor until the matter is resolved or otherwise advice by clients. However, we strictly follow the procedures to ensure the security at its best. Hire our Security Mobile Patrol officers to get yourself and your precious belongings secured.


Oceanic Security’s mobile patrol administer security around the pendulum, either it is your office, an industrial unit or parking area. Moreover, our security defenders carry out surveillance and monitoring responsibilities as per schedules. Mobile patrols play a vital role in Security Services in Perth sector. Each one of all of our mobile units is considerable and well preserved and will reach the proper destination at your site before time or on a contingent the basis to confirm the safety and security of your property. 

Security Mobile Patrols Services are for;
Staff Escort
Staff Welfare Checks
Site Random Patrol Checks
Alarm Response
Schools / Colleges
Retails Stores
Lock-up / Unlock
Permanent Day/ Night Patrol Checks
Office Buildings
Shopping Centers
Construction Site Check-up
 If you’re searching for an exceptional alternative to immobile security officers, examine no distant than Oceanic Security Services’ distinguished mobile security patrols. With this explication, you can be sure that our entirely licensed officers won’t merely serve as an economical visual impediment against an offence, but will also extend security ahead their arranged positions to sustain absolute security throughout each jot of your premises.

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