Gatehouse Security


Oceanic Security Services is among the best on the list of Security Guard Services Companies in Perth. We provide well-trained, talented & Licenses Security Guards Services for Gatehouse Security & Commercial buildings. Our Security Guard secures the construction sitebuilding site, and commercial buildings & provides efficient & effective security services at Gatehouse. 

Gatehouse security service is an exceptionally efficient method of restricting crimes from your buildings. Also, for cautiously supervising the entrance and exit of people to your premises is to employ gatehouse security. In our sight, the initial glimpse of your business, event or home, etc. is the gatehouse. Also, the way visitors are greeted there adds to your prosperity. Oceanic Security Services Perth (OSS) has the apprehension, experience, and proficiency to materialize, invoke and recommend upgrading to site security procedures and practices.

Gatehouse security officers at our company tend to revolve within our customer’s disciplines. Moreover, OSS will quadrate our services to better fit your specifications. Our team will execute multiple duties inclusive of recognition and vehicle checks, also providing the desired greeting to your visitors along with proper record maintenance.

Duties would include but are not limited to;

  • Patrolling Premise
  • Reporting all issues to Management
  • Ensuring all visitors follow sign-in/out Procedures
  • Monitoring people in and out of Premises (Staff, visitors, and deliveries) 
  • Following workplace safety procedures to prevent hazards and risks

security is our passion!

No matter how small or large your business or your need for security is, Oceanic Security Services in Perth, will cater to all your security needs. No matter where are the location or security services, our security guards & officers are always ready to provide the best security services for gatehouse security in Perth.