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Mobile Patrol Security – Alarm Response Security

On-Time Response

Oceanic Security Services provides Security Mobile Patrols rapidly to protect your property. Emergency alarms are attended to by our security patrols to ensure the safeguarding of your business. Our Mobile patrol security is well-trained and talented to tackle the issue on-site. The client services manager being a very dedicated and hard-working part of the team is available on call during evenings, nights, and weekends. The particular manager is directly associated with the security guards and is informed in case of unusual events. The client services manager contacts clients to assure them about property conditions and recommend ways to avoid suspicious activities. We are the best Alarm Response Security Company also providing mine site security, Construction site security and Cash In Transit Security Services.

The primary function of security patrols is to be a visible, physical deterrent that ensures your premises are secure. Depending on your needs our mobile patrol security can include:

  • Staff Welfare checks & staff escorts
  • Full internal and external inspections of the site
  • Reporting of any visible damage or any suspicious activity
  • Highly visual warning signage and stickers placed around the site
  • Opening and closing of your premises including arming or disarming of security system
alarm response security
Safeguarding your assets – Oceanic Security Services aims to provide you with an extra pair of eyes to your property. 

We understand how important it is that your property is properly protected. That’s why we always respond to any security alarm as quickly as possible – even if that’s in the middle of the night. You won’t know what’s caused an alarm to go off until you arrive at the scene. This means that you could possibly be walking into a dangerous situation. Our highly-trained security officers & guards team know how to apprehend and detain criminals and will liaise with the emergency services on your behalf. If emergency repairs need to be made – such as boarding up windows – our staff will be able to facilitate these. Our mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with integrated GPS vehicle tracking, smart wands & mobile communications. It’s so difficult to monitor the security of your place while indulging in other important activities. Don’t worry we’ve got you sorted in this case too! As we are one of the best Alarm Response security Company in Perth. 

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We endeavor to respond within 30 minutes
24/7 alarm response, 365 days a year
We respond to any type of alarm