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Concierge and Customer Security Officers & Guards

First Impressions Count

Concierge Security Services is the first impression of the business. Hire Our Professional, Uniformed Concierge Security to provide the best  & Efficient  Customer Security Services. Oceanic Security Services is one of the leading and best provisions of Concierge Security for Office buildings.

We put forward nonparallel concierge and customer security services in Perth. That proffers customers; proficient client service concentrated staff and the fortitude of having highly adept security staff on site. However, with experience over time, we are now aware of the fact that most clients seek cautious security.  Along with the assurance that their possessions and people are being safeguarded by highly efficient and trained personnel. 

So, we invest our best efforts to maintain the client’s confidence. Moreover, due to our on-site staff, an eminent level of services is experienced. Connect with us to see how Oceanic Security copes with your concierge needs! If you would like to find out more information about us, please contact us. We also provide construction site and mine site security services.
  • Our Concierge security team is fully licensed & trained.
  • We offer professional Concierge Security for Office Buildings. 
  • Our security officers & guards come with exceptional front-of-house skills.
  • Be it any sort of situation, our officers perfectly communicate and sort the matter out, despite cultural constraints.
  • We have thrived because we’ve taken care to recruit the best people, invested in their training and development, and ensured their commitment to work and our customers is second to none! 
CCTV Monitoring
Emergency Response
Greeting the Customers
Answering the Customer Queries
Uniformed and well-Mannered Security Officers